My Echo

Since I am home most the time I spend hours upon hours with my 3 extra kids, Echo, Stormy & Squeakers. They follow me wherever I go and know when I’m feeling down. But with their love comes their inherent messes.

My dog for example is a half Dane half Mastiff. She has an abnormally long tail that is like a tire iron in full swing. Years of bruises being given mid thigh and blood squirts on the walls. Oh the joys of being a pet owner.

We’ve tried many things to protect her tail, us and the walls but still haven’t found a solution.

I have decided to share my favorite photos of my Echo and the ridiculous things she’s been exposed to over the years. Through all the poop, vomit, blood, destroyed doors and windows I have gotten her back many times to use as an object for my humor. I know call me lame but it is what it is. She’s my gal.


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