Greetings from Residential Treatment!

When is enough? Is it when your crying all the time? Is it when you lose all joy and have difficulty functioning? or Is it when you start visualizing ending your life? Well that is the last few weeks that led me to getting admitted to a suicide stabilization unit then transported to a 30 day residential treatment program. Since being here I’ve been diagnosed with Trauma, PTSD, Major Depression, Bipolar II, & Borderline Personality Disorder all which stem from Trauma. I’m still in the facility but will be getting out soon. Keep posted to hear what my last 45 days have been like!


One thought on “Greetings from Residential Treatment!

  1. I am so sorry to hear what your going through and I can relate. I too ended up in a place like that so I can relate. All of these symptoms can be related to Lyme Disease. Have you been treating that? Antibiotics didn’t work for me either and had to go elsewhere. I am going to make a few posts on my blog when I can sharing different treatments, what I am doing and other things like why antibiotics do not get people well ect…

    Hope you find the treatment you need and the support you need. Don’t give up! Keep knocking!


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