Guilt over Going?

Sea World in the 90’s…

I have distinct memories of wearing a hot pink shirt, a non-flattering boy hair cut and one front tooth was missing. The year was 1992. I was 8 years old and we were on a family trip to Sea World. I had always been a lover of animals and had a desire of becoming a veterinarian as a young girl. Experincing Sea World was so exciting! I remember dipping my hand in the cool water touching the sting rays glide by or being splashed by the dolphin show as they entertained the crowd.

Free Willy

1 year later after my trip to Sea World the movie Free Willy came out and became an instant fave. I still remember the Michael Jackson song that was highlighted throughout the movie and the bond that existed between boy and whale which cultivated a fondness for whales that I still have to this day. This movie would shine a small spotlight on the idea of kidnapping whales from their home as being damaging and unnatural but it didn’t stop the general population from being spectators at these giant aquariums.

Black Fish

20 years later a film would be released that would uncover the truth behind one of America’s most visited places. If you haven’t seen it, proceed with caution and have tissues in hand. If you have seen it then you will know why having a reservation about going to Sea World would exist.


My son is 9 years old and we’ve already done Disney Land. Part of me has wanted to go to Sea World and take him there to experience what I had as a child. But, why did I have to feel guilty about taking my family there? Embarrassed of potential backlash from nay sayers? At either rate I kept the trip on the DL.

The day came and it was time to enter the park. 10 hours later we will have had our best family vacation to date. The interactions with a variety of sea life throughout the day brought a happiness and smile to our faces that we will always look back on with fondness. I don’t regret going. I’m happy to have shared that experience with my family.




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